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YUVAL - Messianic School
of Music & Arts

Our goal is to qualify a generation of talented believers to use their gifts given by God in order to build God's kingdom and the body of YESHUA in the land of Israel

Music Production Seminar

In August 2012 a 5-Day-Seminar took place at Yuval including the topics of Worship and Music Recording. We Invite you to watch the Video for a short Summary.

News and Updates

New Worship Year in Yuval
We’re excited to start our 7th year of music and arts in Jerusalem, and our 6th year in Tel Aviv. 
Thursday April 25, 2013
About Yuval Arts

Yuval is a non-profit organisation formed in September 6th 2010. As a Messianic, educational, community Worship Center - we lead the way for over 170 students in 2 campuses, to ...

Thursday April 25, 2013

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